How do those in the spotlight become icons? How you become representative of something bigger than yourself?

 Le Gateau explores his experiences as a cabaret artist, and a drag performer, and balancing that with his own personal identity at the end of the day.

Accompanied by a live band, Gateau unashamedly weaves through an eclectic mix of music; pop, opera, rock; Kate Bush, Whitney, Meatloaf, Pavarotti… investigating his own objects of worship through the songs and music of his personal icons.


His voice is both delicate and gloriously meteorological, his ceiling-lifting baritone rich and silky as a Lindor truffle and resonant as a bell. 

The Stage 


Writer & Performer Le Gateau Chocolat

Director & Co-writer  | Tommy Bradson

Composer and Musical Director | Marty Hailey

Designer | Ryan Dawson Laight

Lighting designer | Conor Vennard

Production Manager | Neal McBride

Producer In Company Collective / Something To Aim For