Raw Cacao

This is Le Gateau Chocolat at his most delicious. This is RAW CACAO

The opera-occasional, lycra-loving, black-beard, drag-diva Le Gateau Chocolat in one of his newest treats, RAW CACAO.

This specially curated cycle of songs from the six-inch heeled, six and a half foot tall, wig-clad wonder in equal parts, everything you expect and as you may never have seen before. Le Gateau Chocolat does disco, opera, musicals and pop from one end of the spectrum, swinging wildly to the other, barely pausing for breath from his bewitching baritone.

This once petit pain au choc turned international cabaret superstar promises to drag audiences kicking and clapping through the songs that have shaped him, revealing a portrait of the undressed artist as man, made by experience, made by art; intimate, incomparable, inspired, raw.